The benefits of outsourcing the server hosting

3Written by Rack Alley

One of the most important decisions a modern CIO has to make is whether to continue an in house server operation or outsource to a data center provider. There are benefits to this approach. Here are five of the most compelling:

Greater flexibility and scalability

One of the biggest advantages using a Los Angeles data center will give you is the ability to provision additional resources to servers and related systems at will. At the same time you can also drop whenever you no longer need them.

More up-to-date equipment

The capex model means that with the exception of the first year, all the other years are run on older hardware. While this is not guaranteed externally, you will always be on a constant upgrade cycle while operating on an opex model. Some

Quicker deployment

Just like the ability to provision additional resources, even servers can be setup and deployed faster. Data centers have extra servers on hand for quick orders, and even if they don’t there are direct relationships with vendors who can ship it to them much faster.

Lower HR investment

When the server room is outsourced, then the need no longer exists for a team of specialist in house. This will reduce overheads and that cost saving can be passed on to the customer or in more server resources.

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