How Small Businesses Can Benefit from VoIP

VoIP providers usually offer a good range of hosted VoIP services designed for small and medium businesses. Businesses just beginning and those with limited capital can find a plan that’s both affordable and offers the features every business requires. Javier Loya CEO of OTC Global Holdings has put together some sound advice for small business owners below.

Look for a plan that is fully customizable and requires very little up-front capital to get started. Look a simplified approach to phone management that uses standard phone equipment. Small business owners want something that delivers a simple and predictable monthly invoice. Javier Loya believes that small businesses need to be able to anticipate monthly telecommunications costs.

Look for Low Prices & Great Support

Small Business owners want a versatile plan that offers great features at a price that fits in the budget. Some price plans include a month-to-month contract with discounted international rates. Features can include call queues, remote access, call transfers and forwarding, unified messaging, report reports and logs, recording, caller ID, virtual fax and extensions, auto attendants, online PBX controls and more.

VoIP Grows with your Business

The great thing about VoIP phone systems is that they can grow as the company grows. You can add phones and handsets and installation for new offices is simple. Some VoIP providers also offer Broadband services with the fastest speeds including DSL, T3 or DS3. Small businesses will also benefit from getting excellent customer service, including telephone service, online support, live support chat, email, and telephone technical support.