Introduction to React

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React is a JavaScript library with a focus on building interactive user interfaces. React is one of the most important and used libraries online, as it is used as the front-end for a lot of the current popular web 2.0 sites like Facebook and is the definitive front-end for almost all web 3.0 applications that run off blockchains. Its ubiquity for web 3.0 makes it the most important new skill any developer should learn.

Learning react is also a pre-requisite for developing web applications that run as the front-end for dApps (distributed apps). Once you know React, you can then move into learning smart contract languages like Solidity (used by Ethereum and compatible blockchains) and Rust (used by Solana and Terra). There is a shortage of blockchain engineers and anyone with even six months of experience in both above has very good prospects.

However, React is also a popular front-end for writing your own apps with Node. All you will need is a server and you can have you own apps running securely online. React is a key component for most web developers because of its architecture, which is based around components that you can use in your apps, rather than writing each of those components on your own.

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