How to Choose the Best Internet for Rural Gaming

Do you have the urge to join the legions of online competitors testing their skills at the most challenging online multiplayer games? If you have any experience with competitive gaming, you probably know how important a good Internet connection is for your success. Low ping and less lag are synonymous with a low-latency, high-performance Internet connection.

However, finding a good Internet service can be a tall order in rural America since most mainstream Internet service providers have decided not to do business in rural areas. Furthermore, many rural communities lack the proper infrastructure for high-speed broadband Internet service. As a result, many rural residents have turned to rural Internet service providers to fulfill their needs. This includes satellite Internet providers as well as companies that provide unlimited 4G rural Internet such as UbiFi.

Out of these options, one is almost always better than the other for rural gaming. Because of the nature of satellite Internet, it is inherently plagued by high latency. With satellite Internet, signals have to travel long distances from satellites in orbit to rural homes. This results in a longer delay between transmission and reception, which creates high latency.

In contrast, fiber-optic Internet and 4G mobile Internet do not suffer from this issue. Their latency is much lower, making them ideal for online gaming. In the case of UbiFi, the company’s website reports that its latency has the potential to be as low as <75ms, which is more than enough for playing games that require the best possible connection. Fiber-optic Internet is also a good option, but it is not available in all rural areas, so it may be best to look for a mobile Internet provider like UbiFi if one is available to you.