Why You Should Be Using Mobile Internet for Rural Gaming

No matter where you live in the United States, there are gaming enthusiasts eager to take their skills online and compete in online multiplayer matches. However, for gamers in rural America, getting a reliable rural Internet service provider that can handle online gaming can be a challenging task. Because of the lackluster infrastructure for high-speed broadband Internet, most rural gamers do not have access to fiber optic Internet or other broadband Internet options considered ideal for online gaming.

However, there are still viable Internet options that can support avid online gamers as they play multiplayer games that demand high performance such as shooters, RTS games, and MOBAs. Unlimited 4G rural Internet providers like UbiFi have a claim to the title of the best Internet for rural gaming because of their high-speed, low-latency Internet service.

While satellite Internet is also available, it may not be ideal for online gaming because of satellite Internet’s generally high levels of latency. Latency can cause issues such as lag or rubberbanding, which can ruin your online experience. These unexpected delays can ruin your timing and result in confusion, causing you to lose games that you should be winning.

In contrast, mobile Internet providers like UbiFi have lower levels of latency because they use cell towers, which are closer to rural homes than satellites in outer space. Furthermore, if you live in an area that is adequately covered by cell towers controlled by a company like UbiFi, you can experience even higher speeds than satellite Internet providers can give you. Before signing up for a mobile Internet service provider, be sure to check if you live close enough to a cell tower.