Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Statistically speaking, no matter how great your “Huge Sale” sounds, only about 5% of those who receive the email will actually visit your store and make a purchase. The reasons for this can vary, but mostly, consumers have busy lives and just may not have the time or the money to buy from you at the time they receive your email. If you’re ready to create abundance in your business, try a few of the ideas below.

Placing a flashy ad in the right newspapers and magazines can be very effective for retail stores. But ads like that are expensive. First, someone in your marketing department must write the ad and put it together with photos. Then they contact the newspaper or magazine and wait for weeks until the next issue of the publication is released. This can be expensive though it will produce good results.

Text marketing works well these days. Imagine a text message that goes out to thousands of people at once from your business. It could say anything you want it to say. These are easy to write but you’ll get best results by hiring a copywriter. This is a quick, easy way to get people to visit your website and Create Abundance.

Text Marketing reaches thousands of clients at once with your ad and now, instead of just a few people reading and responding to it, you might get a 30% open rate. Even if only 5 per cent of those potential customers make a purchase, you could easily have dozens of sales from just one text message.

In the book, Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue, you’ll find wisdom to help you get through the tough times in life and in business.