Seven Alternatives to Paypal, including SolidTrustPay

Seven Alternatives to Paypal, including SolidTrustPay

The reason one might want to avoid Paypal when it comes to online payments is the considerably high fees applied on different transactions and their conflict resolution methods for clients.

1. SolidTrustPay 

With more features and less fees than PayPal, SolidTrustPay is becoming one of the bigger players in the online payment processing as one of the best PayPal alternatives. It also serves over 190 countries in multiple currencies.

Watch SolidTrustPay Video Here.

2. Amazon Payments

Amazon provides the possibility to pay both through text messages and online. In case one links it to one’s bank account there will be no service fees. However, only amounts above $10 are not free.

3. ING Direct Person2Person

Person2Person can be defined more like a banking service instead of an online payment system. The secure money transfers without charge are regrettably connected with an obligatory subscription fee.

4. Dwolla

Dwolla has multiple features to offer and all of them are cost free and compatible with mobile applications, online stores and also person-to-person payments. Only the incoming funds are taxed, but with a fixed amount of $0.25 cent, regardless of the amount. There are no costs involving withdrawing or sending money.

5. PayDivvy

Paydivvy is extremely similar to Paypal. It enhances the actions regarding group payments and allows for a direct payment of bills. Paydivvy provides various other tools and it is entirely free of charge.

6. Serve from American Express

Serve works on the premises which guide Paypal, offering the option to send and receive money through email plus it adds an American Express Card to the account for online procurements.

7. Personal Banking

Since one can use credit cards almost for any online action, the majority of banks allow for personal online banking possibilities directly from one’s own account.