3 Suggestions for Facebook to Work On

3 Suggestions for Facebook to Work On

Article submitted by Pierre Zarokian of iClimber.com

While Facebook seems to monopolize the social media industry, the truth is that there are certain aspects that fall short of expectations.

Holes that can improve the service that Facebook provides for its users, if you will.

So, here are 3 suggestions (not wild and forward thinking products) for Facebook to work on:

#1: Facebook Search

Facebook already has a team in place that is working on Facebook Search so as to help users to find information such the best restaurant in a particular city. Won’t that be useful?

Why this does matter to Facebook’s financial bottom line is that such searches indicate purchasing intent and this is where the company can sell spots to sponsored advertisers who can reach customers to help them decide what they want.

#2: Better Friend Management

Over the years, friending people that you wished you hadn’t has become something that all Facebook users have to live with, for fear of offending someone by unfriending them. Of course, Facebook does provide a way to offer privacy by means of lists and other options but they aren’t very easy to locate and use.

As most people will agree that hiding updates from friends that you don’t like, one friend at a time, is tedious and a way must be found to be able to share specific posts with certain groups of people.

#3: Stand alone Feeds based on Different Content Types

Right now, the News Feed is a mix of different content types, be it photos, music, friends’ status updates, videos and so on and so forth. It can be confusing to take them all in at once. A simple solution for this would be to create stand alone feeds for different content types but more importantly, also open up opportunities for advertising as well.