Portable air conditioners for outdoor events

With Portable air conditioners, outdoor cooling is no longer an issue. You can use one or several units to cool an area. Ideally, you need an enclosed area that will host a specific amount of people in addition to any equipment. The vendor will then calculate the amount of cooling required.

Most portable cooling units are self-contained. This makes it easy to setup and removes the units in a short period. Also, the units are rated for outdoor events, letting you turn the stickiest and hottest conditions into a comfortable environment for guests.

Here are two examples of outdoor events that can take advantage of a portable a/c system:

Wedding Tents

Weddings are one of the most popular uses of portable air conditioners. Often, organizers will cool the tent on hot summer days for when the guests move in from the ceremony. The ceremony will typically start in the morning when it is cooler and transition to the tent as the temperature rises. Often, the teams will cool the tent in advance to ensure that guests enjoy the cooling immediately.

Concerts and performances

A portable a/c system can cool concert performances in two ways. Firstly, the equipment that forms the backend of a concert run hot and needs cooling. All that equipment, usually in a temporary tent close to the main performance area will use multiple air conditioners. Second, the temperature can rise when there are tens of thousands of people. Strategic placement of portable a/c units can drop the average temperature across the crowd.

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