How CONOPS Plays a Crucial Role in Command Center Production

Summary: The complexity of today’s technology can work in tandem with an organization’s CONOPS.

As the number of technological systems increases, along follows the complexity of the systems. It’s now more important than ever to understand the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) as it provides the operational guidance that discusses how current systems will be utilized along with determining what benefits they will provide to the command center.

The Problem With Today’s Designs

In today’s command center arsenal, more often than not, technologies are implemented without a clear understand of the organization’s CONOPS. Because of this, underperforming systems are rarely used and performance tends to plummet. This is why CONOPS should be prioritized more than designers currently.

The Impact of CONOPS On a Command Center

CONOPS has now become more complex and impactful than many people tend to realize. As organizations evolve, new threats emerge and new technologies become more available to the organization to use. Now, remember CONOPS drives the selection of both technology and design, but is also directly impacted by this drastic technological development. You can even consider CONOPS to be an evolving knowledge that changes continuously.

When a technology designer focuses on a command center, it’s crucial that the designer revises CONOPS based on the systems and environment of the current command center. By incorporating a well thought-out CONOPS, the organization will be better equipped to understand what types of new systems and technologies are required, how they should be integrated, as well as how they will ultimately benefit the organization. All in all, CONOPS is highly impactful when it comes to a company’s production.
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