3 Music Services That Still Offer Free Music

It’s not easy to get free music these days. We can only rent music these days. There’s no option for subscription based services music either.

For that matter, even Apple has done away with its Free on iTunes section given the new Apple Music Service.

Yet free music that is both legal and free still exists over the internet.

technetnews1Here are 3 such services that offers free music:

1: Google Play

Even Google Play does not offer a daily free track, there’s still a lot of free music available. Look for a section titled Antenna Sampler where you will find samples of songs from up and coming artists. All you have to do is go to the page Google Play (not Google Play Music), type ‘free’ and hit Enter.

2: Amazon

Amazon has 46,480 tracks that are available for free. But before you get excited, most of these tracks are Bible verses in Bulgarian. As for the others, you will find them in the Miscellaneous category. The bitrates of these tracks are of excellent quality and are between 217 to 271 kbps.

3: Free Music Archive

It should be obvious that all music at this site is free. You can use some of it for derivative work under Creative Commons licenses. While most music belong to indie or lesser-known artists or bands, there are well-known bands like Nine Inch Nails too.

Downloading or streaming music is pretty simple. No need to create an account either. One last thing: the bitrates of the mp3s are between 256 to 320 kbps.