Keeping Your Server Room Cool

By MovinCool

These days, everyone uses the Internet. Most of us even do so on a regular basis. It would even be hard to imagine not using the Internet for just a day, much less longer. The World Wide Web has become such an integral part of our lives that, like other things that fall into this category, we tend to take it for granted. A good example of this is not appreciating how websites truly work.

Movicool3Those of us in the business understand that servers are used to host the information needed to keep a website live and online. To the untrained eye, a room of servers doesn’t look like much at all. It’s just a room with large trays of hardware silently humming away.

However, without a server room air conditioner, these rooms would literally be worthless. That’s because, just below the surface, servers are constantly working, churning electricity around the clock to ensure that websites are kept online. If they stop working for just a moment, sites crash.

That’s why a computer room air conditioner is vital. All that electricity creates a lot of heat which, in turn, can actually keep the servers from working. With the right AC unit, the temperature is brought down to an acceptable amount.


With portable air conditioners so much is possible. Whether you want a cooler home at a better price or you work with servers and it’s essential the temperature stay low, MovinCool has everything you need and so much more.