Where to get the best financing on computers

With modern computers having so many amazing features, it can be so tempting to buy a new one. As we all know, computers can be expensive. Most of us don’t have an extra thousand dollars laying around for such a purchase. And yet, many of us today do much of our work on a personal computer. You need the best technology so you can get your work done correctly. Slow computers are the worst. They’re frustrating.

In order to get the computer of your dreams, you’ll most likely need financing. This is the perfect solution for big purchases like electronics or appliances. However, you may be wondering where to get the best financing on computers. Below we go over our top 3 picks of stores that sell computers and offer decent financing terms.

Newegg: This online store sells computers and computer parts for those who want to build their own. Their financing terms are reasonable and they have a good selection of laptops, desktops and gaming computers.

Curacao: They sell a wide selection of computers, appliances, TVs, gaming systems and other items. They offer low interest electronics financing along with generous terms. It’s pretty easy to get approved too and they often work with consumers who don’t have perfect credit.

Amazon: They are well-known for having low prices and fast shipping. However, you must have excellent credit to get approved for financing. They do have a pretty vast selection of desktop and lap top computers but you’ll need great credit or cash.