What is Colocation

1Written by Rack Alley

Colocation is a term you will hear when it comes to web hosting, cloud hosting etc. It is the practice of locating your servers and/or network devices in a provider’s data center. This type of colocation can be local, like los angeles colocation or can be in another geographic area entirely, in order to get closer access to customers.

There are many advantage to colocation. You get access to the economies of scale that larger providers have access to. This means more and cheaper bandwidth, lower latency and specialist teams monitoring systems. Here are a few more:

Environmental control, such as constant temperature and humidity maintenance, and particulates filtration

Fire suppression systems – Standard data centers will forego the higher end fire suppression systems due to cost. Data centers will provide state of the art response and will also be able to prevent expensive false positives.

Redundant power sources and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) backup – Most providers will have in rack UPS and building level UPS systems backed by hundreds of hours of battery backup.

Large capacity of multi-homed quality bandwidth – The largest customers get bandwith at extremely cheap rates. This is one of the few ways smaller players can have access to that level of pricing.

Around-the-clock physical security such as card entry and video monitoring of the facilities

Monitoring and technical services such as central data storage, backups, firewall and DDoS attack mitigation.


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