Sensing Pressure and Temperature in Manufacturing

Specific conditions are required to manufacture certain parts. Pressure and temperature sensors help engineers meet these requirements and automate their process.

Pressure and temperature are two basic elements in the creation of any given substance. Pressure and temperature helped form our planet’s geologic landscape over time, changing as temperatures raised or fell. These same concepts are now at work in manufacturing facilities all over the world. Here are some examples of how measuring pressure and temperature can help improve the efficiency of manufacturing.


When prospectors drill for oil, a pressure sensor helps to judge whether a field actually has a significant reservoir to tap. These sensors save time and money, as a crew can measure oil volume before a drill ever touches the ground. Pressure is also useful in regulating the amount of liquids in a given environment, like chemicals in a coolant system. Pressure tells the operator how much of a given chemical is currently in the pipeline, and can be used with an automated system to control volume without user input.


A temperature sensor fulfills a similar role to pressure, but measures the heat or cold around the sensor itself. This is useful when certain temperatures are required for a specific operation. For example, vacuum deposition chambers need to meet specific temperature requirements before the substrate can interact with the chemicals inside the chamber. Too high of a temperature and the substrate could become damaged. Too low and the chemicals may not adhere properly. Temperature sensing makes this process possible through automation.

Final Thoughts

Certain manufacturing requires specific conditions before an object can be created or modified. Sensors help engineers find these optimal conditions, so there is never any guess work involved in making equipment.

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