Precautions for Industrial Warehouse Cooling

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Industrial cooling requirements differ from those of the home or office significantly. When you’re cooling a warehouse, especially one full of perishables, there are precautions you must take to ensure that your food stays preserved.

Warmer Temperatures Mean Thorough Cooling

Ambient temperatures, especially during the warmer seasons, have been increasing in the average industrial environment. There are a variety of reasons, including fluctuations in the climate as well as an increase in production efficiency and energy use. This excessive heat hurts perishables over time, affecting a company’s bottom line. It may also make conditions dangerous or intolerable for workers without some kind of industrial air conditioning system to cool the floor.

Ventilation is a Good Start

Ventilation is a good start, but it’s not the end of the journey to a properly cooled factory or warehouse. You may utilize a portable air conditioner to reduce costs, but simply opening a window won’t cool the shop when machinery really gets going.

Adding more fans, and improving the duct network in the building will contribute significantly more to the desired effect.

Other Options

It may be a good idea to attempt alternative cooling systems, in addition to the spot coolers you put into place. Today, it may be portable units providing cool spots for workers to do their jobs. Long term, steam or direct-fired gas can dramatically impact the heat output of machinery on your factory floor.

Cooling is a long term concern that will only grow in severity as more machinery is introduced. Doing more with less always comes with a hidden cost, but with proper planning you can continue to do business safely and efficiently.