Optimizing your wireless network

technetnews2Lack of consistent and stable wireless internet access at home can be extremely frustrating. Not only does impact bandwidth heavy applications like video streaming, but it can also affect web page loads and document editing online. This is usually because not much care is taken when setting up wifi at home. Here is how to setup a stable and fast wireless network at home:

Access points

The wireless signal from the router that comes with the internet connection is generally not enough to cover an entire floor, let alone an entire home. This is usually the only equipment most homes have. Depending on the size of your home, buy at least one or two wireless access points that can act as range extenders.


Once you have the extenders and router configured, the next step is to scan the entire house for wireless signal strength. You can ignore the signal indicator on your windows or mac laptop, they are not particularly accurate. Instead download an app like inssider and walk around the house, and note down how good (or bad) the signal is in the important areas.


Based on the scanning done above, move your access points around until the coverage is good enough in all the important areas. Alternatively, if another piece of equipment is causing interference, you can move that to another location instead.

This should fix the majority of issues with wifi access. Now you can enjoy uninterrupted youtube streaming or online gaming anywhere in your home.