Nest announces the Nest Cam IQ

Nest announces the Nest Cam IQ

The last two years have been tough on Nest. After losing CEO and founder Tony Fadell, the company had not released a new product in two years. It looks like the company is finally turning things around, and the new Nest Cam IQ could be the start of the revival.

The new camera is a new intelligent indoor camera. The camera looks a lot like the Nest Thermostat and costs $299 for a single unit and $498 for two. The company will start shipping the cameras in June. The Cam IQ is expensive but comes with best in class features.

The camera is a 4K HDR unit powered with a Qualcomm CPU with six cores. The video you see will be 1080p, however, because of the 4K resolution, you can zoom in while maintaining the 1080p video quality. There are two infrared LED’s for night vision that unlike traditional cameras, operates at 940nm, making them almost invisible to the human eye.

The main selling point of the camera is what gives the camera its name. The Cam IQ will provide insights into what is happening inside your home. It will identify you, your friends and pets to differentiate from someone sinister. When it does detect a potential intruder, the Cam IQ will zoom into the person and follow them around the room. Also, the camera will pick up audio cues like dogs barking or breaking glass and send you an alert.

You can pre-order the Nest Cam IQ in the US, Belgium, UK, and Ireland.