Mobile: the Next Big Thing in Credit Processing

Are you on board with mobile payment processing?

Many of us now carry a very powerful, yet tiny, computer in our pockets in the form of a smart phone. And the smart phone is really beginning to live up to its name. There are now credit card readers one can attach to any cell phone, or mobile device, that allow for taking payments wherever there is a Wifi connection. It’s such a huge leap forward it’s spawned a whole new movement in the “pop-up store”.

Mobile Point of Sale

The mPOS has completely changed retail into an on-demand service. The sales person becomes a much more active participant. Cashiers still exist, but sales people can ring customers up wherever they stand in the store. This has put more personnel on the floor and given customers greater freedom to choose the right product for them when they want it.

The mobile payment processor is one of the primary reasons brick and mortar stores can still compete with eCommerce.

Mobile Payments

Another huge change has been the smart phone’s ability to transfer money and make payments. More people are relying on mobile banking and “eWallets” to move money around the Web and in real life. As a retailer, you’ll need to apply for a merchant credit card processing account and download the necessary apps on your phone. This has become especially popular in restaurants, where tip management is a snap.

Pop Up Shops

Pop up shops are fairly new concepts, but an old idea. Carts have been around for ages, but pop-up shops offer small retail spaces with mobile payment options. Using a cellular network, these pop-up shops can sell high volume and move around a city.