How to Start a Sweepstakes Business

Find out how Internet cafes are using sweepstakes promotions to get customers coming back for more.

People love the joy of winning. Business owners can tap into the love of winning — and the rush of adrenaline associated with it — by opening a Sweepstakes internet cafe or Internet cafe franchise. Sweepstakes businesses may offer various sweepstakes terminals at a storefront or gas station, or any location where people gather to relax and have fun.

Online Presence

It’s also possible to use internet cafe sweepstakes software to create a virtual or online presence. Start by reserving a domain name, then purchase hosting services on a monthly or annual basis. Attract visitors to the website by purchasing or exchanging links with other websites about sweepstakes games. Some key words, including “Win Now,” and “Sweepstakes” in the website name will probably attract visitors to the site.

Select a Customer Prize

Some sweepstakes sites offer gift certificates, electronics, or video games as prizes. Others offer enticing vacations or vehicles. Still others offer cash prizes.

Sweepstakes Rules

It’s essential for sweepstakes to adhere to local, state, and laws, so start with an understanding of the legal criteria for your sweepstakes. Consult an attorney about your sweepstakes. The entrant should be at least the legal minimum age and the manner in which the prize is delivered to the winner. The sweepstakes may also limit the number of times the individual may enter. It’s important to distinguish the sweepstakes from a gambling site for legal purposes.

Entry Form

The sweepstakes must have an entry form, and the sweepstakes owner can’t charge a fee for the individual to enter. Online sweepstakes sites may link to customer surveys that charge the customer money to sign up for a product or service.


As above, advertise on other websites or link to popular sites that will gain traffic for the sweepstakes website.