How to choose an air conditioner for your home

How to choose an air conditioner for your home

Written by MovinCool

The biggest complaint when it comes to air conditioning units at home is when there is insufficient cooling. The first culprit that everyone blames is the air conditioning unit. Common complaints are that it is not working properly, or that it only cools for so long. The vast majority of the time, with  air conditioning issues as this, the equipment is not at fault. There have been some bad choices and selections made. This is why getting the right unit for the right space is important. Here are a few tips to follow.

Always measure the space and use a calculator to figure out how many watts or BTU’s you need. Make sure to take the height of the ceiling, the windows, indoor or outdoor cooling, side of the room facing the sun into account. Some calculators will only ask for room dimensions and can result in uneven cooling.

This is why it’s important to get air conditioning from a proper vendor who will do a survey and then recommend what to buy. People use bad calculators and then assume the air conditioning companies are wrong when they recommend a higher solution.

For short-term air conditioning needs, a rental portable air conditioner is just as good. Even if you were planning on buying one so you can cool whichever room needs it at the time, renting one is a good idea. Especially to see if you have the right amount of cooling.


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