How Procedures and Policies Play a Crucial Role for Small Business Network Management

Summary: The appropriate policies can improve a small business’s overall effectiveness.

Policies and procedures play an integral role in information technology. Many small businesses tend to focus on the IT system itself as opposed to the policies that are implemented, causing there to be a downward spiral in performance and efficiency. The reason for creating such policies is to improve a business’s overall fluidity and performance.

Efficiency and Teamwork Go Hand in Hand

Prior to implementing anything new for your business, consider that successful information policies rely on the efficiency of your staff members. They must understand the steps they’re taking and the reason behind each step. If they believe that your policies are too restrictive, they could subvert the security system and become problematic when the time comes to get things done.

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Password Security

Password security policies do not have to be as restrictive as you might think they need to be. A password security policy typically consists of a secure numerical and alphabetical combination that’s both user-friendly and secure. If you force your employees to rotate their passwords too often or implement a policy that complicates the whole password procedure, expect a high likelihood of subversion. You might even find your employees writing down their passwords and storing them in public places because of how complicated your system is.

Keep in mind that an individual that has significant knowledge on how your hardware works can override any commercial technology system that is “secure” under your standards. Keeping your computers, networks, and other IT systems safe relies on the amount of work you put in to its overall security. Try and keep your control center consoles free of anything that could compromise its network safety.