Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Data Center

Written by Rack Alley

Companies seeking to hire the services of a colocation provider or data center might have to consider several factors. Some of these considerations would depend on the type of business that they are into and the purpose of hiring the data center. Some of the general factors to consider for all organizations would be the network ecosystem of the provider and the location as well as whether to opt for colocation.

Why Colocation?

Colocation can be defined as the sharing of a data center by several companies. This is a common practice among companies and does not constitute of any risk of data exposure from company to company. Colocation providers usually isolate data pertaining to each company, making them inaccessible to the other companies sharing the data center. This method of data center sharing is cost effective for companies and requires less investment in setup time.

Location and Network Ecosystem

These two factors are important in companies’ decision for hiring a colocation or data center provider. Proximity to the physical location of the data center might be preferred by some companies in order to facilitate visits. Another factor to take into consideration would be whether the location is exposed to any probable natural calamity such as floods or hurricanes. The network ecosystem would pertain to the availability of power systems and fiber paths in the region where the data center is located. Some of these factors might explain why the city of Los Angeles has risen to become one of the most popular cities in terms of LA data center and colocation providers.

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