Advantages of choosing dedicated hosting

1Written by Rack Alley

When it comes to hosting websites and applications online, the choices are only growing. The options range from shared hosting like los angeles web hosting, dedicated hosting, dedicated servers, virtual private servers and distributed cloud hosting. In this, we will look at the advantages of using dedicated hosting:

Resources are not shared

A dedicated server package guarantees the use of single dedicated server. This is not shared with any other accounts. This has two benefits, one is that you will have all the resources of that server for your website. For sites that experience above average loads or sudden spikes, a dedicated server is the minimum option. The second is that your server ip will not be affected by any other script or issue originating from another account on the same server. In most cases malware originating from a site hosted on the same server/ip will result in a blacklisting of all the sites on the same ip until the ip changes.

Unique IP

SSL adoption for non retail websites has increased due to it being a significant Google ranking signal. However, in order to use a secure certificate, the website requires a dedicated unique ip. This is at minimum only possible for dedicated servers and above. In addition just as mention above, sharing an ip with a penalized site could possibly result in ranking penalties for other sites on the same server.


Another advantage is the flexibility that comes with a dedicated server hosting los angeles. Not only can you specify the hardware specs like processor and memory you can also get additional software installed that is not possible in any shared environment. Even virtual private servers, which are virtual machines that share a physical server have restrictions to prevent anything affecting other vm’s on the same server.


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