The best smart thermostats

The best smart thermostats

In the smart home market, the smart thermostat is one of the most hotly contested segments. Popularized by the Nest learning thermostat, now nearly all modern thermostats are connected devices that have some level of automation. The reason for its popularity is due to the ease of installation. Almost anyone with a screwdriver and a bit of time to spare can replace their thermostat. All of these thermostats help reduce energy bills and allow remote control of settings from your smartphone.


The Ecobee 4 is the best smart thermostat in the market right now. The Ecobee 4 has the same gorgeous touch interface of its predecessor. Also, it uses a wireless sensor to ensure that the temperature in all your is correct. The one feature that puts it above any other is the built-in in Alexa support. Yes, you can speak to it just like you would an Echo Dot or Echo. However, consumers point out that the greatest feature is that you can get all your rooms to the right temperature.


Nest has come a long way since the original Nest Learning Thermostat. However, internal struggles and product delays mean Nest has fallen behind its competitors. The device is compatible almost every home automation platform, although there is no support for any voice assistant. The design and feel of the device still feel premium but falls behind the touch interface of the Ecobee. There are rumors that Google will fold Nest into its hardware division. If that does happen, we might see Google Assistant support in future Nest thermostats.