Tips and tricks for iPad usage

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says tablet, is the iPad. Although sales of the device are not as strong as the iPhone, the long upgrade cycles mean there are a lot of iPad’s use in the market. Here are some tips and tricks to make better use of your iPad:

Transfer images to a PC

The recommended process for image transfer from an iPad to a PC is to use iTunes. However, there is a much easier method. Just connect the iPad to the USB port on the computer. Allow the computer access to devices photos and videos, and you can explore the iPad as you would a digital camera.

Shortcut keys

You increase the utility of your iPad (or iPad Pro) significantly when you use a keyboard. Much like a computer, hundreds of shortcut-keys will speed up whatever you are doing. There are reference sheets you can find online that list all the shortcuts.


The new iPad Pro makes multitasking much easier with Split View and Slide Over. Learn how both of these functions work, and you can use two apps at once. Also, you can transfer data from one app to the other by dragging it across.


iOS11 is one of the few versions of iOS that had a focus on the iPad. The new multitasking layout, drag, and drop, and the App Dock are some of the features of the new release that is exclusive to the iPad. Upgrade iOS11 and make use of these awesome new features.