Top Wireless IP Cameras

Top Wireless IP Cameras

Wireless IP cameras are very popular and with good reason. These standalone security cameras only power, wireless internet connectivity, and installation. You can set up one in as little 15 minutes and then watch the video stream using an app on your computer or smartphone. Here we look at some of the best wireless cameras you can buy:


The Netgear Arlo Q is without a doubt the best wireless camera you can buy today. The only caveat is that it is also the most expensive. The camera comes with excellent video quality, reliable motion detection, and a great user interface that allows scheduling. Netgear provides a free cloud subscription service which keeps the video of the last week. For longer retention, you will need to pay for a higher tier subscription.


The Belkin has the best price/performance ratio. The Belkin Netcam HD+ at $39 is a quarter of the cost of the Arlo but does not come with any free cloud video recording. Instead, the cloud recording subscriptions start at $9.99 a month. Also, although the feature set is robust, the video quality is not great.

There are other brands like Nest, Canary, and D-Link but they do not cover the bases the way the Netgear and Belkin do. There also very cheap cameras by unknown and no-name brands. However, you cannot recommend these brands due to security issues and a lack of features.