How to Keep Your Paypal Safe With Two-Factor Authentication

Considering the amount of sensitive financial information that your Paypal account holds, you’re asking for trouble especially if you don’t use the two-factor authentication that it allows each customer.

It’s definitely not a good idea to have someone steal your hard-earned money by ignoring this.

So what is this two-factor authentication?

With your unique username and password being your first layer of protection, the extra layer of protection involves requires you to send a code that is sent to your mobile phone which can be used only once.

So, even if someone gets a hold of your username and password, they will not be able to access your accounts and your life’s savings.

So, now that you’re interested, how does one setup this extra security feature?

Simply put, you have to purchase a security key device that will generate these one-time codes for you for only about $30.

But for that, you have to login to Paypal’s Security Key page in order to understand how it work, and after which, you can click the link “Get extra protection with a Paypal Security Key now” which is at the bottom of the page.

After this, you will have to log into Paypal with your username and password and pick whether you want to order a security key or not, setup your account in order to send codes to your phone or even set up a security key device.

Now click Order under Register your Phone and enter your cell phone number, hit Agree and Register and enter the six-digit security code in order that Paypal send so as to confirm that the phone is yours.

Just keep in mind that the code expires in 5 minutes but after which you be sure that your account is a little safer.