2 Ways to Save a Webpage to your iPhone or Android Phone

It’s a common experience to come across a web page that don’t want to just bookmark but save manually.

There are a number of ways to do this. Either you can save it as a PDF, on-board storage or even sync it to a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Here are 2 ways to save a webpage to your iPhone or Android phone:

Technetnews22: Save a webpage as a PDF (iPhone and Android)

You can create a webpage for both iPhone and Android but the method is very different. In Android, open Chrome and three dot menu. Tap Print. Once Android finishes creating a preview of the page, tap the Save to dropdown menu to your Google account. After this, you can tap Save to PDF so as to save the file to your handset’s storage.

As for iOS, there is no direct way of doing this apart from doing this through a few apps. Open a webpage in Safari and hit the Action button. After this, hit the Save PDF button in the top row. Of course, if you’re a Dropbox user, hit the Save to Dropbox option under the iOS Action button and that will save the PDF to your Dropbox account.

3: Send text of article in an email (iPhone)

You can either send the link of an article you read or you can choose to send the text in an email. Of course, you’ll have to copy the text which can seem a bit tedious. Not unless you are an iOS user. For this, open the link you want to share in Safari and select Reader View. Next, tap the Action button and then Mail. The entire email will be typed into an email along with the link at the top. All you have to do is hit Send.