What to look for in an EDI provider

What to look for in an EDI provider

Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

Suppliers, distributors, and retailers will enjoy many benefits from implementing electronic data interchange (EDI). There are so many options that choosing a provider can be extremely challenging. Avoid a frustrating experience by focusing on the key factors below:

Customer focused and responsive EDI provider

The effective and efficiency of your supply chain is the most important part of an implementation and should be the focus of your EDI service provider. Choose a provider that has a personalized approach. The company should have good technical staff in addition to an implementation team available around the clock for questions and solutions.


Look to the future when choosing a provider. Not only should they address all your current needs, but they should also be in a position to handle the future growth of your organization. Too many decisions are made based on current needs without taking potential future growth into account.

Industry experience

Choose a provider that has experience in multiple industries. That sort of experience will mean better advice, better results that will add value to your supply chain. Also, you can count on their experience and advice when moving into new verticals.


Your staff will need extensive training on both the need for the new systems along with operational training. The training should be comprehensive, so that everyone understands how the system works, down to the details like labels like ucc128, etc. Buy-in from everyone will own the implementation process, making it smoother.


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