WeRecoverData Offers Data Recovery Services to Victims of Natural Disasters

WeRecoverData Offers Data Recovery Services to Victims of Natural Disasters

When a polar vortex hit the Midwest this past year, many businesses lost more than what was on the shelf during the storm. Data is the hidden cost a lot of businesses face, especially those who host ecommerce websites in addition to their brick and mortar stores.

Thousands throughout the summer of 2014 have lost their data and their possessions to tornadoes and floods, in addition to fires and power outages. Places like Iowa, Boston and Chicago have all suffered some form of natural disaster in the past year.

It’s tempting to throw one’s arms up and just surrender to fate. Maybe write off the loss of data, but some of this damage can cause irreparable harm to a business. WeRecoverData specializes in the recovery of data from these specific situations. Data loss from a fire or even a tornado is all recoverable with the systems of WeRecoverData.

WeRecoverData offers several solutions that help you find lost data, even if that data is managed offsite. They can rip the data directly from your hard drives, even mobile phone memory units will work, and the data is then transferred to another hard disk for your review. If you can supply a list of your most important files, the company will systematically track down and recover those files.

Everything begins with a free evaluation of the damage. For certain areas affected by storms and disasters, WeRecoverData even offers a 20% discount. “Our advantage as a data recovery solution provider is our research and development lab,” said CEO of WeRecoverData Tal Hakim. “Our experienced engineers, many of whom have more than 30 years of experience in the industry, have designed the technology and solutions we use to recover data. Our success is built on technology that solves cases no one else in the world can handle.”

Material possessions are a measurable loss, but data is just as problematic. Lost customer data can prevent you from shipping items properly, and remove any possibility you had of up selling them in the future. That makes it difficult to process any business you do, even after you’ve recovered from the disaster itself.

WeRecoverData.com employs a staff of highly skilled engineers in order to provide individuals and businesses with 24/7 data recovery services. In-lab, WeRecoverData can work in as little as one to three days if the project is a priority. The company also offers weekend service, and remote recovery that can be done in as little as 12 hours.

Data can be lost, but it can always be recovered again. Whether your hard drive was flooded, or the unit was damaged in a power failure, there is always a way. If you need emergency recovery services, look no further than WeRecoverData.