Three Advantages of using a Chromebook


Chromebooks have been making inroads into the US educational computing market. It has displaced windows based computers and even Apples iPad from classrooms nationwide. The very nature of Chrome OS based computing devices makes sense for schools. But how does it play out for the average home user? Here are X advantages of using Chrome OS at home:


People lose their laptops and tablets all the time. Either they are lost or stolen. In both of these situations the biggest issue is of someone gaining access to your computer and the files. Chrome OS computers are encrypted and login is only possible using your gmail account. The gmail account is tied to the computer during setup so if you lose it, nobody can access that computer without access to the online control panel or your account.

Easy Updates

On both windows and Mac OS computers, there are always security and system updates that need to be installed. Most of the time that involves a restart. With Chrome OS, just like the browser, updates are installed in the background with the need for a restart very rare. You can continue to work and restart the browser at your convenience.


Chrome OS is free, which means that manufactures can pass on the cost savings directly to you. This makes Chromebook much more affordable.