The perfect Plex setup

Plex is a home media server that catalogs and organizes a media library for streaming. The interface is excellent and includes Metadata and ratings downloaded from sites like Rotten Tomatoes. Here is the ideal Plex home setup:

Plex Media Server

The first and most important component is the media server itself. The server supports most major platforms like Windows and Mac OS. In addition, it is also available for the NVidia SHIELD and Synology NAS devices, although these options are pricey. The most popular build is on a used computer or laptop with external drives holding the media.

Plex Pass

The Plex Pass is a subscription that provides access to members’ only features when using Plex. The two most useful features are external streaming and offline access. External streaming allows access to the server from anywhere and any device, as long as the device has internet access. Smartphones and tablets can download and store shows for later viewing with offline access.


The clients will depend on the devices available. The primary device is the one connected to the main TV. Ideally, this should be an Android TV box like the SHIELD or Mi Box. The Android TV Plex interface is currently the best. Alternatively, there is the Apple TV or the Google Chromecast. Plex is available on so many platforms that, should none of the above be options, there will be at least one device which will connect to the server.