The Modern Problem of Tech


The biggest issue facing most companies in this hyper-connected age is of multiple proprietary systems. Organizations purchase systems from multiple vendors that have no compatibility towards each other. There are APIs that allow communication to each systems but those interfaces are not compatible with each other. This can cause a lot of problems. It also causes a lot of delay and inefficiencies when data needs to be entered from one system to another. Enter EDI.

EDI, also known as electronic data interchange, is a system to bridge multiple legacy and modern systems have that no direct communication. With EDI you can have a system which talks to and moves data between all of your systems and those of your vendors and clients. This can result in massive gains in time as systems will not require human intervention to coordinate.

Find a quality EDI provider though and your problems will suddenly clear up. Companies as big, advanced and complicated as Wal-Mart have made EDI compliance one of their main goals because they know that follow through means they’ll be much better off in the long run. Don’t let something as important as software get in the way of your company’s goals. Instead, use EDI to make sense of the mess and get better results ASAP.