Portable Power Supplies for the Locomotive Industry

Are you searching for lightweight, portable power supplies for the locomotive industry? You’re not alone. The railroad industry relies on a wide range of equipment, including battery packs or portable power supplies. It’s important to have a handy unit that helps start the engine if the battery is not fully charged. The industry needs dependable power supplies to jump start the trains. It’s important to have a reliable power supply that is not only dependable, but also lightweight.

If you’re in the market for a portable power supply for the locomotive industry, you might be surprised by the many options available. What type of portable power supply do you need? Do you need a lithium ion railroad battery or a traditional lead acid battery? Here’s a look at the latest portable power starting units for the locomotive industry.

Lithium Ion Railroad Locomotive Battery

Traditional locomotive batteries are made of lead acid, which weigh thousands of pounds. In addition, lead acid batteries require two 32-volt units combined in series for a common 64-volt battery unit. However, lithium is a great choice for batteries. Start Pac offers the Li64RR lithium ion railroad locomotive battery, a great product that weighs only 320 pounds. It’s a single 64-volt battery that is smaller in size than traditional lead acid batteries.

Benefits of Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium batteries are superior to lead acid batteries. In fact, there are many advantages to owning a lithium ion battery for the locomotive industry. In addition to its reduced weight and size, lithium ion batteries last two to three times longer than lead acid batteries and come with no sulfation issues. What’s more, the batteries are maintenance free, an important feature that helps to improve personnel safety and lower operational costs. If you want to improve safety and save money, lithium ion battery packs are the way to go.

Railroad Locomotive Starter Unit

In addition to a battery pack, you might also need a railroad locomotive starter unit. Start Pac offers a lightweight, portable ground power unit designed to start the engine if the train engine is not fully charged or able to start on its own. This handy device can be purchased with or without wheels. But it’s important to note that this product is not created for battery charging. If you plan to purchase this starter unit, you will also need a weather cover. A waterproof cover will help protect your starter unit for when you need it most.


This feature article has been sponsored by Start Pac, an online retailer of reliable and lightweight portable starting units, including lithium and lead-acid starting units. Visit the website to find a ground power unit or lithium starting unit.