Improving Swing Speed with Radar Guns

Every baseball player has to undergo a massive amount of practice to refine his skills. However, the art of refining one’s batting style is improved everyday with more and more technology. New improvements to batting cages, including the usage of radar, have led to a greater increase in skill amongst amateurs. Precision equipment can help coaches and players determine the optimal approach to each pitch, and players can get experience in a variety of situations outside of the pressures of play. With Speedtrac technology, the amateur baseball player can change the way he approaches his swing, the way he sees pitches and how he hits certain pitches.

Swing Speed Radar

Using a speed pitch cage allows the player to check the speed of his swing in comparison to the pitches that are being thrown. This helps correct frequent strike outs, or may be used as an adjustment for players who consistently foul out. There is a right and a wrong way to hit every pitch and the player must know the kind of swing that will make best contact with the ball.

Players who swing too early can track their speed and discover how to adjust for optimal speed in their case. Also, these players can go through the motions of a slower swing, and learn to maintain that pace. Mastering these techniques ensures the player can tackle any pitch.

Hitting The Cages

The batting cages give the player a chance to practice all of the swings he would use in a game for situational hitting. The most advanced players in the world are able to change their swing speed to hit certain balls, and that focus comes from daily practice.

With Speedtrac technology, batters can see an analysis of their swing in real time. Using these readouts helps to improve the batter on an analytical level, making him aware of possible faults in technique or habits to break.

Swing speed radar technology gives the batter a readout of what they have just done. Coaches can evaluate these results and make instant changes to a player’s swing. Use Speedtrac to make sure that the swing for every pitch is refined to the exact speed needed to strike the ball and hit the intended targets. Batters have to be able to switch batting styles on the fly, based on every potential pitch a pitcher can throw at them. Radar technology helps the batter have a more confident swing, hitting the ball precisely where they want it to go.


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