Important factors to consider when choosing a web host

Written by Rack Alley

There are so many web hosts, advertising 99% uptime and other technical jargon, that it can be tough to choose one. In this article we look at the important factors to consider when choosing LA web hosting.

Price – It is important to state that price is usually the most important factor. However, it should not be the deciding factor. In web hosting, cheaper is definitely not better. This is even more true when the goal of your website is to make money.

Specialties – Look at the specialty of the web hosting you are considering. Some will only have web hosting, with no path to a more dedicated options. You will need these options as your site grows and at the very least it is good to have a host that will gives you Los Angeles colocation options.

Limitations – Despite what is advertised, any host that promises unlimited amounts of anything, is lying. Read the fine print and locate whatever limitations that they have. For any site where downtime can result in a loss of revenue, it pays to get more reliable hosting.

Tech support – For a lot of customers, capable tech support trumps all other considerations. Look for 24-hour support, since there is a chance that we will need support at odd hours. The other thing to look out for is outsourced support. These are never as good as in-house and are best avoided.

Rack Alley is a provider of colocation services at their LA data center.