How to Get the Most from Apple Music

technetnews1Apple Music launched to much fanfare, but met with a somewhat lukewarm reception from users. In the last few months Apple Music has steadily improved. While not adding any new features, they have fixed many of the stability issues, bugs that plagued the system early on. Getting the most out of Apple Music means using some of its features in a particular way. Here’s how to get the most out of two of Apple Music’s best features:

Start station from a Song

The radio station from a song is one of the features that requires doing things a certain way. The radio station service is very similar to Pandora, although it does give you a bit more control. First of all, once you start a radio station from a song, click the star for any songs that you like. Do this for as many songs as you can. Any songs that you do not like should be set to be never played again. Liking a song makes no difference to the songs generated here.

For You

The ‘For you’ section uses your likes to recommend playlists and albums. The first place you provided this information was when setting up, where you were asked to click on red balls with different artists. The list is then regenerated regularly based on your likes and listening habits. If the for you section is where you go, then heart more music that you like. Over time the music recommendations should improve to match your likes.