How a nature-inspired office design can help your mental state

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Do you ever wish you could work outside among the trees and the lush, green tones of nature? You’re not alone. In fact, we’re actually wired to feel and work better in areas full of natural, verdant colors. According to behavior scientist Dr. Pragya Agarwal, sunlight, natural elements, and green colors result in better morale and less stress/anxiety in the workplace. Therefore, decorative plants, wood textures, and larger windows will result in more calm and productive employees.

As always, it’s important to strike a good balance. Making your whole room green or brown can make your office design feel unbalanced or monotonous. It’s most practical to add different natural elements throughout the room. Maybe place some decorative plants in the corner, while working on wooden desks and adding bamboo rattan furniture for reclining at your desk or in your communal break area.

Furniture made from materials such as wicker and rattan is constructed from plant-based materials, which adds an organic, tropical touch to your chairs, tables, bookcases, and cabinets. If you can’t work outdoors, you can bring the outdoors into your office with the right selection of plants fashioned into everyday furnishings.

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