Clearing Browser History – a Faster Chrome!

Chrome keeps a record of each and every webpage one has reached in one limitless file. Therefore, after a considerable period of time one shall witness the slowdown of the browser while an address is being entered. This phenomenon is due to the search of the browser in its inner database, attempting to match the newly entered address. The size of this database is direct proportional with the frequency of slowdowns. One can eliminate this annoyance in the two manners described below.

A) Regular browser history cleanup

1, After starting the browser, press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL.

2, Then the possibility to obliterate the following items from the beginning of time shall appear and make sure only the browser history is checked. Depending on the frequency of this action, it may take between 0-30 seconds for this process to finish.

B) Applying the History Limiter Chrome extension

The role of this extension is to force the browser to only keep registers in the history for a number of days set by the user.

After having installed the extension, one must click on the Cog icon, then Tools, Extensions. Next one has to click Options near the extension of the History Limiter and manually set the number of days for the registers to be kept in the history.