Chromecast 4K or Mi Box 4K

Chromecast 4K or Mi Box 4K

This month sees the release of two highly anticipated streaming video devices: Google’s Chromecast 4K and the Xiaomi Mi Box 4. Both of these devices will retail for exactly the same price: $69. The question is, which should you get and why. We look at both options below:

Chromecast 4K

The new Chromecast is almost exactly like the other video Chromecast devices. It is an HDMI dongle that plugs directly into the TV and has an external power adaptor. The content is then “cast” to the device from any smartphone app that has Google Cast support built in. There are two notable differences here. First is that this will support 4K content. The other is that there will be an official Ethernet (network) adaptor to connect to the LAN.

Mi Box

The Mi Box is an Android TV box that supports 4K. Since it does have Android TV, it has the full set of apps available for that platform. This is also one of the downsides as there are very few Android TV optimized apps available. Even the game support is lackluster and the games that do work are choppy and problematic.

The Mi Box does provide more over the Chromecast. The issue is that of updates. There is no way to know if Xiaomi will update the Mi Box and judging by its current state, updates will be needed. Ultimately if you have a Chromecast and are happy with it, that might be a better, more reliable choice.