Apple to launch Watch Soon, expected to set new trends in the Wearables Category

It won’t be long before Apple releases its Watch – March 2015 at the max – and which will redefine the watch category.

It goes without saying that Apple’s Watch is really a general purpose computer that has been trimmed down so as to suit the form that are expected of conventional watches.

What is also evident is that it will share industrial design with the iPhone, the UNIX operating system beneath and will also have native apps starting this year.

Analysts are of the opinion that it will sell at least 30 million units in the first year itself. While this figure isn’t as impressive as that of the iPhone or iPad, it still is fantastic for the wearable category.

What they also reveal is that one should not take these figures literally since this product is in the wearables category that no one knows anything about just yet.

It’s also very clear that experts, consumers and Wall Street are looking to Apple Watch to set the trend when it comes to this category since Samsung has already failed to create watches that have set a new trend.

And why not? Apple did the same for the iPad and the iPhone, right?

Which is clear proof that Apple knew what features were necessary in order for its customers to purchase these products.

That said, there’s no doubt that Apple will not open up its functionality, which could make the Apple Watch a real winner, to other products apart from its own Watch.

Luxury watch makers will have to depend on Android for this that will work with Android phones – products that rich people aren’t interested in. And this is why even if there’s a tiny smart watch market, Apple will get all its high end customers.