Amazon Echo Buying Guide

Amazon now has a wide selection of devices in its Echo line that responds to voice commands and touch in the case of the Echo Show. There are also devices by third parties that accept voice commands using Alexa. All of these devices can control smart home devices, stream music, and answer questions. How do you pick one? Here are the best devices for different use cases:


The most cost-effective Echo is the Echo Dot. It is the cheapest and only differs from the larger Echo in the speaker. You can pair or connect the Dot with an existing speaker system for better audio. Also, there are various deals for Dot where if you buy five Dot’s the sixth unit is free. Even when you buy three Dot’s, it is still cheaper than its bigger brother.


Originally you needed to press a button to activate Alexa on the Echo Tap. Now, thanks to a software update from Amazon, you can use the wake-word like all the other Echo’s. The Echo Tap has a battery that lasts up to nine hours, making it perfect for using it outside.


Initially, anyone who bought more than one Echo did so to put them all over the house. The only problem was the bedroom. The Echo Spot is the ideal candidate for the bedroom. It looks like a touchscreen alarm clock and can show movies, make video calls, and any other Alexa commands you use with other devices.

In almost all cases, Amazon products remain a better option when you compare with third-party products. They are more cost-effective and will get features sooner.