3 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Run Faster

No matter what you think, there’s a lot of power in that smartphone that you carry around. Some of the latest features include eight-core CPUs, multiple gigabytes of RAM as well as batteries with thousands of milliampere-hours of capacity.

Yet something goes wrong sooner or later – apps use up lots of space, your phone gets sluggish and this can kill the battery.

While this might seem like a big problem, it is still easy to fix. Here are 3 tips to make your Android phone run faster and for much longer:

technetnews11: Check for updates

Before you take any drastic steps when your phone is slow, ensure that you run all updates on your phone. It’s very possible that a previous update is causing some trouble and getting an update might fix the problem immediately. Just as importantly, check for system updates just in case your carrier doesn’t notify immediately.

2: Clean up your Home screen

While most device makers have their own Home screen, there are third party alternatives too. You can find the Google Now Launcher in the Play Store too. As they all have widget support, and while that’s great, it can make your phone run slow. Check as to whether these widgets are slowing down your system. Live wallpapers can slow your system too.

3: Remove and disable apps

If you’ve used your phone for sometime, there’s no doubt that you would have collected a number of apps that you barely use. Make sure you remove all apps that you don’t use at all. As for system apps that you cannot remove, make sure you disable them too as this will clear out space. The reason why this is so effective is because the lesser the apps, the lesser work that Android has to do when starting up.